Your Complete Guide to Taking Care of Downstairs Hair

There comes a point in every girls life where she has to decide what to do with her pubic hair. There are lots of different options and lots of things to consider, such as how a boy might respond (or girl!) and the current trends. With all that in mind here are some different grooming methods. Remember that every girl is different so go with what suits you, rather than what your friends are doing.


Shaving is the most popular way to handle your hair and it’s pretty inexpensive too. Nearly a quarter of all women shave their pubic hair. There are five steps to shaving with a razor; trim, soak, lather, shave and moisturize. Remember that you shouldn’t shave during your period as it makes your skin sensitive. You should also shave in the same direction that the hair is growing and avoid overshaving. A good limit is three strokes in one direction in one region. Start out by shaving once a week until you find a good system for you.

Dos and Don’ts of Shaving Down There

  • DO trim the hair using scissors before using a bikini shaver
  • DON’T moisturise with a heavy scented lotion. You might want to smell nice but the chemicals in these scents can irritate your skin. Use aloe vera or baby oil instead
  • DO take a bath first to soften up the hair
  • DON’T shave using just soap. You have to use a shaving cream.


Waxing is another great way to handle your pubic hair, whether you’re doing it at home or the salon. Don’t neglect the fact that hot wax is, well, it’s pretty hot! You can avoid the swelling and pain that comes with waxing by using a pain reliever like aspirin or ibuprofen around half an hour before waxing. Waxing is done whether at home or in the spa; apply hot wax where you need it, put down a strip of cloth, and pull it off; taking the hair with it.

Waxing Options

There are a lot of options when it comes to waxing. You can wax yourself using a home waxing kit or book yourself an appointment at a salon. A salon is perhaps the best choice unless you know what you’re doing. It might seem a little embarrassing to show all your bits off to a stranger but keep in mind that the women there have seen all there is to see. There is almost no way that your pubic region could show them something new.

There are also a number of options when you get to the spa. They can do a basic bikini wax that removes the hair outside the panty line, a fuller bikini wax that goes a little further, the French bikini wax, which leaves a little landing strip, all the way to the Brazilian and Hollywood bikini wax. A Brazilian is when all the hair from the pelvic region including your butt is removed and is the way to go if you expect to be wearing a thong bikini. The Hollywood is the most in-depth bikini wax there is. It also takes a lot of work as almost every shred of hair from your front and back, including around your labia and the hair around your butt, is removed. It can take a while and you’ll be asked to lie on your stomach too, so only go for this if you know it’s what you really want.

Do’s and Don’ts of Bikini Waxing

  • DO wait until your hair is at least a quarter of an inch long before waxing. That way the hair is removed more effectively, leaving your pubic region cleaner and smoother
  • DON’T tan either before or after waxing
  • DO wear cotton underwear afterwards. Waxing can leave the area sore and prone to irritation so you need to let it breathe for a while after

How to Create A Timeless And Fashionable Wardrobe


Every women desires to always have a dynamic wardrobe wherein they can use them all throughout the year. This article will show you what the best accessories and dress to keep so that you can always actively use it in any season. A big thanks to DB3 Online for helping us put this post together.


Wearing a boots have become so common nowadays because they never fail to give women a stylish click. Obviously, boots are most used during winter season. However, they could be used as fashionable shoes with a touch of classical look in every season including the hottest summer. There are high-cut boots and there are also ankle boots which are attractive. One thing that you should bear in mind in choosing the best pair of boots is to find the most comfortable one so that you can move freely and walk distances without getting your toes sore. You can match your boots with jeans or leggings. In addition to this, they could be worn nicely with a slim skirt and a dress.


Cardigans are very popular not just in Europe but also to other countries across the globe. They could be in style from winter to spring. Women prefers wearing these cardigans because they give you more than style but also a cozy and soft feel as you wear them. Take note that there are various designs, patterns and colors which could match your apparels from day to day which is why you will not find it hard to find one.

As an advice, you should put into consideration the length of the cardigan. It should be very much dependent on the overall clothing you match with it. The longer ones are timely perfect to match over with the pants while the shorter ones are suitable to match with a skirt. Like the length, the neckline also plays a vital importance in choosing the apparels that go with it.


If you want something to wear which is very much comfortable to wear, then the camisoles are best as alternative for T-shirts and blouses. There is a huge spectrum of selections made available in the market which are super fashionable. Camisoles are not just good for a casual look but they make great impact with a business suit.


This is always a good part of a woman’s wardrobe. Long sweaters give warmth to chilly evenings and cold days this makes it an essential item to use during fall and winter. It could be worn like a jacket. You can also use a belt with it. Aside from giving you the comfortable warmth, it would make you look elegant and casual like the cashmere. There are so many colors to choose from. If you already have several color collections of sweater, then you can never go wrong with matching them with black skirt and black pants.

To this end, you do not have to sacrifice your finances just to create a very dynamic wardrobe. You just need to pick pieces of simple but quality clothing items that would surely fit for any season and occasion. If you are successful in this, you could save a lot from your shopping.